Eco Policy


Aphrodite’s is a themed boutique hotel with gardens, pool and dancing fountain, serving breakfast and meals.

We the directors of Aphrodite’s, address above, recognise the importance of the responsibilities to manage the environmental impacts of the activities, services and product.

Having assessed our activities and identified the significant environmental aspects/impacts include:

  • The use of renewable shared electricity (from Ecotricity) also the use of carbon neutral fuel for the biomass boiler, both are for the energy use
  • The use of water resources and the generation of waste water
  • The use of chemicals and their release into the water environment
  • Food miles (use of fuel and emissions)
  • The generation and disposal of waste from packaging

It is our policy to not to become complacent but to strive to minimize the environment foot print of the business by developing and carrying out to the highest of standards the environmental policies hence we will:

  • Continue to identify the environmental impact of our activities
  • Further develop suitable objectives to minimise our environmental impact during normal, abnormal and emergency conditions
  • To comply with relevant legislation regulation and other requirements relating to the appropriate environmental impacts
  • To prevent pollutions, minimise our inputs of utilities and resources plus output of emissions to the atmosphere, effluents to drains and sewers and wastes to disposal facilities and whenever possible to re-use recover and recycle objects when practical
  • To make sure the environmental responsibilities are defined and understood by all members of staff
  • To use local suppliers that understand Company Policy and that have similar policies with regard to environmental issues
  • To openly communicate and co-operate and respond to the views of the staff, clients and interested third parties with the intention of improving the environmental performance
  • To see ways to achieve the broader environmental targets and continually improve our performance